Brendan Magone, Las Vegas Top Picks(non-registered)
Jayne takes spectacular, insightful pictures and is a pleasure to work with! Very thoughtful and kind. Look forward to more events :)
Nancy Miller(non-registered)
Jayne, your pictures are incredible-- vivid in every detail: I have never been to Greece, but now I have through your photographs which captured the very image I held in my mind: the pictures of Venice recalled my own trip there in such beautiful clarity; and how much fun it was to me to re-attend the wedding of Janis and Harold. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to travel in just a short 1/2 hour.
Charles D Lynn Real Estate(non-registered)
Jayne, you did it AGAIN! Our Brokerage Sold 2 properties in 4 days, your photographs told the story. Thank You for everything.
Grace Gross(non-registered)
You are so incredibly talented! You have such a way of capturing the "soul" of what you are shooting and I am blown away by your pics. Cross Vegas shots are stellar!
Kari Tyrone(non-registered)
Jayne, I find your photos both fascinating and interesting. I was very moved by a photo you took of Shawn at Cross Vegas. It had a really cool perspective that grabbed my attention and I just loved it. I look forward to looking through more of your work here on the website. Thanks for doing what you do because it lets us see a unique window in time that we would never have seen otherwise. Super talent!
Chicky Prado(non-registered)
Jayne, after seeing the pictures of the wedding it felt like I was there. You caught their love and joy in your photos. My favorites were the ones in Desert Shores by the water. Great job. P.S sorry I messed up the last two guestbook entries:)
Jill Taylor(non-registered)
Incredible artistic Eye! You capture the event excitement, the stunning scenery, and the competitor's spirit! I really enjoyed your website!
Mary Rodrigues(non-registered)
Wow! You have some gorgeous photos. I loved seeing Monets garden and the bridge. Fantastik!
Ruth Furman, ImageWords(non-registered)
Your photos are extraordinary! Especially wowed by how you pair the best expressions of the photo subjects with the stunning scenery. The photos you have taken for me, and for ImageWords, are always great. I can be rather exacting in my expectations and specifications. Still, I admire (and respect) that you take direction very well, but you're also helpful suggesting ideas to make photos even better.
Jayne your photos are spectacular. You always seem to bring action to life. Keep the pictures coming I look forward to seeing more.
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